Monday, October 11, 2010

Benefit Show: a good time!

Hey everyone. Tonight the Jared Miner show went down. I must say I had a good time. I enjoyed seeing Jared and all the other friends of mine and his. Legend... Killed it! Fight it Out had some brutal pit moshers. Act As One, always my fave act to watch! Burning Alive, you guys are always fun to watch and its horrible when people just stand back and not show love. Runner Up, Chen you did great, I just wish the rest of the band wouldn't seem so... stiff and lacking stage presence.

Best comment I heard all night though had to be from Jared when I told him goodbye. "Matt Savage, thank you for coming out and its awesome you actually came out instead of sitting at home playing pokemon, thanks for being a great friend"

Stay tuned everyone for my interview with the Banana Convention!