Monday, October 4, 2010

Battletoad Rash, Reporting in!

Hey all you toads and toadettes, taddies, and tpoles!

Rash here starting up this adventure and telling you all about it.

Its been a long time since any of you heard from me huh? Well the crew decided to step out of the spotlight for a while to let in some of our other boys get a head start on their fame. I mean shoot Link, Mario, Samus, those guys (and girl) are all our main hops! Back in the day you wouldn't have guessed that little old pipe dreamer Mario would grow up to be this hot shot he is now would you?

I mean just take a look at that guy compared to my finely toned beat em' up machine! Who woulda thought he would be on top of the world, for that instance galaxy!

So all you toads and toadettes, i'll keep you posted in my experiences from now on. I think tomorrow I might take a run to the Best Buy down the path from my bog. I heard they have this new thing called a Nintendo Wii. May have to pick one of those things up frawg's! Maybe I can get the gang back together to do a new adventure for it.

As for now, all you be keepin it fresh

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